Phen 375 – Does it work?

What is Phen 375?

Phen375 is a synthetic fat burner & appetite suppressant which can help you lose up to 10 lbs within few weeks of regular use.

Fat burners is specially formulated to burn fat at a rapid pace. Fat Burners are comprised of herbs & compounds which increase the metabolism, energy & also suppress appetite. Phen 375 can be used by both people looking to lose weight & people looking to maintain their weight.

phentemine375 reviewPhen 375 or Phentemine375™ belongs to the same family as Adipex-P, Ionamin , Phentermine , Micromedex , Phentermine, Adiphene , Phentermine, Adipex-P, Ionamin & Duromine.

All these pills contain almost same ingredients except Phen375 which has 3 additional ingredients which make Phen375 unique.

How does Phen375 Work?

Phen375 works by burning fat from the body as well as suppressing your apetite. It will help you with:

  • Double your body’s capacity to burn fat
  • Increase the metabolism rate
  • Increase your energy level
  • Stop your cravings for food
  • Losing around 3 – 5 lbs every week

Phen375 Side Effects?

Phentemine375 like other fat burners does have side effects. You may experience any of the side effects mentioned below:

  • Bad taste in mouth bitter
  • Changes in sex drive. Men may experience increase in erection due to increased blood pressure
  • Constipation or upset stomach
  • diarrhea
  • difficulty sleeping
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • headache
  • Restlessness & sleeplessness
  • Fast heartbeat or pounding in the chest
  • Elevation of blood pressure

Phenethylamines(PEA) products produce nervous system stimulation. So do not expect any weight loss without these side effects. The side effects gradually decrease over the period of time as the body adjusts to the medicine.

Is Phen375 safe?

Phen375 is manufactured under FDA approved manufacturing practices in a FDA regulated Lab in California. There is no reason for you to doubt about the safety or quality of ingredients.

Additionally Phen375 is distributed through reputed dealers & not some fly by night operators.

You also get a 45 day complete money back guarantee with phen375 so for any reason you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund of your money.

With every purchase of Phen375 you also get:

  • 24 hour support via phone and email
  • Complete 45 day month money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive discount offers on your next purchase
  • Free, Fast & Discrete shipping
  • Free supply of 30 tablets with every purchase of 90
  • 100% legal effective fat burner

Phen375 Dosage?

Phen375 is to be taken before breakfast & lunch. A total of 2 tablets per day.

Do not exceed the dosage even if you have missed your tablet for some reason. You can take the tablet either with water or fresh juice.

Do remember to take lot of water as it helps flush the kidneys & liver. People who took 2 tablets a day with lots of water have reported maximum weight loss.

Additionally you also need to follow the diet plan recommended by Phen375 if you wish to gain the maximum benefits.

Phen375 Discounts?

You can now order Phen375 online & receive your package delivered directly to your home. Certain orders are also eligible for free shipping.

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Where to buy Phen375

Phen375 can be only bought from the official merchant site

Please do note that these pills are not available anywhere else including Amazon. There are tons of phen375 duplicates being sold online. These pills will not help you lose weight but will surely reduce the weight of your wallet.

Phen375 User Review

I started taking the tablets on wed afternoon and i’ve lost 1/2 inch! Haven’t noticed any side affects – couldn’t sleep last night but not sure if thats due to the tablets. So far so good – keep your fingers crossed that it continues.
Active user on
Usage of weight loss pills is the easiest way of losing weight. It will cause no side effects and makes our body to absorb fewer calories from the food that we intake.
User on
When you decide to take Phen375 you can expect it to help you consume less calories per day. Phen375 helps control your appetite so you eat less. Phen375 also helps speed up your metabolism. What this means that when you eat while taking Phen375 it will digest your food more quickly and will store less of the fat in your body. While Phen375 helps you with your weight loss it doesn’t compare to diet pills like Phentramin-d
User on Yahoo answers

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Phen375 Phen375 Phen375 Fat Burner SKU UPC Model

Jan 09, 2014 by Daniella

Hello, Just ordered Phen375 today. I am 26 yrs & my target is to lose at least 5 lbs this month. I really hope this pill will help me lose weight.

Works Great!

Oct 04, 2013 by Bryant J. Cary

Phen375 works great for me. so far I have been able to lose 3 pounds in one month. It may not be great but with my life style, I think this is commendable. I am busy travelling for my job hence not much time for exercise. So far the pills seems impressive.


Oct 04, 2013 by Mary J. Miller

Can someone help me understand if this is phentermine or something. I read about Phen37.5 & now this. Has anyone used these pills? Can someone provide their experience with these pills.

Response: Mary: Phen375 is different from Phentermine or Phen37.5. Phen375 do not carry side effects like others & additionally Phen375 is over the counter medication unlike others which are prescription only pills. Hope this helps

Slow progress

Oct 04, 2013 by Kenneth R. Johnson

Am 5'9" & 162. want to reduce my weight around 150. I read all reviews about Phen375 & finally bought it last month. So far haven't seen any side effects but also feel that I am losing weight at very slow pace. Hopefully these pills will help me lose weight soon.

4.3 5.0 4 4 Hello, Just ordered Phen375 today. I am 26 yrs & my target is to lose at least 5 lbs this month. I really hope this pill will help me lose weight. Phen375

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7 Responses to “Phen 375 – Does it work?”

  1. Norman says:

    I want to lose 10 lbs by next month. Will these pills help me achieve my target?

    • Pete says:

      @Norman: Without knowing details about your life style, your diet habits etc, it will be difficult to say whether you will be able to lose 10 lbs by next month. These pills will help you in losing weight but you will need to follow proper diet, do some exercise, drink lots of water & restrain yourself from junk food or fatty food.

  2. Neil says:

    Where can I get Phen375 in south africa & what are the delivery costs.

    • Pete says:

      @Neil: you cannot buy Phen375 in local shop. You can order these pills online.
      Shipping costs really depend on the shipping option you choose.

  3. Andrew Hutton says:


    Yes it is best to order three bottles when starting as that is what has helped me to lose the most weight and keep it off.

  4. admin says:

    @Soo – Have added the dosage information in the article above

  5. Soo K says:

    What is the dosage?


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