Duromine Side Effects?

Duromine – Does it help?

Duromine is an appetite suppresant and contains phentermine as the active ingredient. Its a prescription drug and is not available over the counter.

Duromine pills are available in 3 strengths, 15mg, 30mg & 40 mg. Since its release, Duromine has been used successfully for helping people lose weight.

Duromine is recommended only for obese or over weight patients and is to be used in combination of healthy diet & exercise. Duromine is considered good only for patients with high cholestrol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

How does Duromine work?

Buy Duromine Duromine is an appetitie suppresant and reduces appetite by affecting the central nervous system with its active chemical ingredient.

Phentermine, the active element in duromine affects the neurotransmitter in the brain causing stimulation in the area that controls the appetite. This stimulation to the brain results in the hunger craving to be turned off by the brain.

Long term usage of phentermine is not recommended as long term usage tends to make phentermine ineffective. Phentermine can be addictive and hence is a controlled medicine.

The resin mixed with phentermine creates a slow release effect and extends the effects of the pills over the time. This usually results in less craving for food and hence weight loss. Duromine also acts by breaking down the stored fat.

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Duromine Side effects?

Below are some of the side effects of duromine:

  • feeling restless
  • Weakness
  • high blood pressure
  • Changes in Sex drive
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • difficulty in breathing
  • dryness of mouth
  • Imsomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Chest pain

you may also encounter other side effects like irregular heart beat, chest pain, nervousness, stomach cramps, nausea and skin rashes.

Duromine over doses have serious consequences including death. Symptons of duromine over doses include excess energy, tremor, increased breathing rate, confusion, panic, excess fatigue, depression, hypertension.

Duromine should be avoided under any circumstances if you suffer from any of the medical conditions given below:

  • very high blood pressure
  • problem with valves in the heart
  • heart disease
  • narrowing of blood vessels
For more Duromine weight loss information visit http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Duromine

Is Duromine safe?

Duromine is safe but does come with a extensive list of guidelines and side effects. Duromine is also a scheduled IV controlled substance and should not be consumed without doctor’s prescription.

Duromine Customer Reviews

As for the drug Duromine, I’m currently taking it and have had no problems, but not to say that someone else might find they have huge problems with it.

It works differently for each person, and depends on how that person is taking it, what their health is like and why they are taking it. If you already have a healthy diet and life style then it wont work for you. The whole idea of the drug is to switch off the part of the brain that craves food, and helps you then to re-educate yourself with just the health things.

I look at forums and see how some people are taking this drug and OH MY no wonder it’s not working. Not eating isn’t the answer, of course once you stop you’ll pack the weight on, there is no life style change and for others if you have underlying health problems it wont work.
Sherry on weightloss.com forums

I used them back in 2001 when i had to loose a few kilos before being accepted in the police. I used them for about 8 weeks and TBH…glad when i stopped.

I could never sleep (truckies take them to keep awake…and that bit hit me hard), i lost all appetite…couldnt eat much at all…i know thats the job of them..but i mean no food….couldnt stomach anything.

I lost 5 kg in that time, I personally would not reccomend them what so ever. Fast weight loss is not healthy…so keep that in mind.
Active user on bellybelly.com.au/forums

i wouldn’t recommend them – DH has admitted that the basis of them is a type of legal speed – they’re not really healthy, don’t necessarily work the way they should, and can have some nasty side effects as kim outlined.

my understanding is that they speed your heart rate so i don’t think it would be recommended to do anything that messes with your heart if you already have bp issues
Active user on bellybelly.com.au/forums

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Duromine 15mg

Nov 19, 2014 by Hanlee

I've been using Duromine 15mg for almost a month and lost 5kg in the first three weeks. I am happy with the results. I get cravings but I don't act on them because I am not hungry. I have stopped snacking in between meals and I still eat three times a day, but I eat lesser portions than before. I also feel fuller faster and will not finish my whole plate like before. The only side effects that I have encountered is constipation, dry mouth and occasional headaches. Good Luck to all who are trying to loose some weight!

Sep 16, 2014 by lisa

hi. its my first day on duromine 30mg. i dont feel hungry. but ive got this urge to eat. i drink water when i get the urge for food. i used duromine before the 15mg and i lost 20kg in just over a month.

Sep 13, 2014 by daisy

hi, i have currently started using duromine 30. yeah i dont get hungry but i try to eat something small anyways. this is my fourth day taking it and i keep getting chest pains is this normal and can i still take them?

First Week on Duromine

May 20, 2014 by Renee

Hi all. I'm 21 years old and weigh 100kg.
This is the biggest I've ever been and have wanted to start Duromine for a few years now. I've nearly been taking it for close to a week. I am on the 30mg dosage. Side effects have been out of control and I hope they reduce soon. Dry mouth, Light headed, Insomnia, Wrestless, Moody, Chest Pains, I get head tingles as well. It kicked in pretty much on the first day with immediate loss of appetite. Calorie intake has halved. Drinking plenty of water and when I do eat its 3 healthy meals day and I try to snack on fruit and a trail mix in between meals. I am also going to the gym more regularly then I was before and am feeling very motivated. Maybe its knowing that I will be loosing weight for a change. Haven't weighed myself yet as I will be doing so weekly but am looking forward to see the results after one week. Hopefully I can last the full month because I miss a sleeping.

Apr 06, 2014 by Stephen

Well I have been on duromie 30mg for 11 weeks and all up I have lost 15kg
I am loving what I am seeing now i got 25kg to go I do so much more than I could when I was bigger. One big thing is eat better and smaller meals and lots of water and no junk food

Started with duromine

Feb 25, 2014 by Zoliswa mtshofeni

Its been 2 weeks now i've been using the duromine and it is working like magic, i don't get tired or hungry that much. i'll keep u updated guys.


Feb 18, 2014 by Chandra

Hi I,m 37yrs n start taking Duromine30mg three months ago n it's really help me a lot . It's keep me energetic for more than 14hrs n no tiredness . I loss 10kg in 3 months. But I noticed that my throat become bigger than the usually. After I went through the blood test found normal, but the scan showing few lumps over my thyroid . When I stop dura mine for sometime to observe the swellan is reduce. Recently I start back n the problem occure. Pls advice.

Just started using duroine

Jan 27, 2014 by Nontokozo

WELL I USED DUROMINE IN 2010 B4 it did work but had little knwledge about them so when i stopped taking them after2mnts i piled more wait then 2012 i tried them again but they didnt do lik b4 i was alwayz hungry and i think after 1mnth i stopped now 2014-01-27 I JUS STARTED ANOTHER PACK AM HOPPING IT WORKS LIK B4 I DO BELIEVE THEY WORK JUS RIGHT EATING AND FCUSING ON UR GOAL AND DRINKIN LOTS OF WATER OOH BY THE WAY I WAS VING DRY MOUTH AND INSOMNIA... BUT M WILING TO SUFFER SO I LOSE30KGS STARTING TODAY WS 75 NOW M 106..

duromine 15mg

Jan 13, 2014 by TULSI


Response: Don\'t increase the dose on your own. The results vary for different individuals.. You need to wait for some time. If you do not see any improvement in 3-4 weeks, you can consult your doctor who can then increase the dose

Jan 09, 2014 by Danny

I have recently started with Duromine. Its my second day today. Drinking lots of water throughout

My target is to lose 10 lbs. My doc says its possible with Duromine. After Reading the reviews below, I am preparing myself for the side effects. :)

3.8 5.0 81 81 I've been using Duromine 15mg for almost a month and lost 5kg in the first three weeks. I am happy with the results. I get cravings but I don't act on them because I am not hungry. Duromine

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747 Responses to “Duromine Side Effects?”

  1. vania says:

    I’ve been taking pills for 17 days now lost 4.5 kilos no exercing just do mild cleaning around house mop fo vacuum make beds and at times do long walks I do get hungry in evening but drinking waters and eating healthy fills me up so much I try snacking so I keep metabolism going and I follow a plan duromine gives you on their site :D super happy at this stage im on a 30mg and start weight 92.5 kilos haven’t weighted myself since 2 weeks ago, I only recommend it if your bmi is over 30 which classifieds your obese

  2. Penny says:

    iam 75 kg I want to start DUROMINE tomorrow will they need prescription?

  3. Anna says:

    DO NOT USE DURAMINE! It’s is very addictive and very dangerous. It caused me to get kidney failure within 3 yrs of taking them. Yes the weight does drop off, but the side effects are horrendous, and the depression can be quite suicidal. As soon as you come off them, the weight goes back on within 2 weeks. I do not recommend taking them and if you do (but please don’t), be very mindful.

  4. lebogang says:

    Hi m lebo i want 2 loose weight i Wei 80 n i wnt 2 U duromine pills bt the thing is m breastfeeding i jst had a baby my baby is 5months nw wil it affect the baby?

    • Pete says:

      @Janis, there is a reason why Duromine is a prescription medicine. Never buy Duromine without a prescription. Why don’t you look at other pills like Phen375 which can be bought online.

  5. mel says:

    hi i have started with duromine on monday 30/09/2013 iam curently at 80kg …and i wana be atleast 60-65 ..i realy hope i loose the weight

    • admin says:

      Hi mel, you will surely lose the extra weight. Just ensure that along with the pills you also do some exercise (even light exercise is fine). If this is the first time you are starting Duromine, you will experience some side effects for first couple of weeks. Do not worry. The side effects reduce after some time.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

      • Palesa says:

        Hi Duromine Team. Im a 27 year old lady weighing 80kg and I am on my 6th day of taking duromine 30mg. The side effect since day one is insomnia, headache, blurry eye sight, ZERO appetite and dry mouth. I only sleep for 4 hours each night but amazingly I still have all the energy in the world :) . The only thing Im worried about right now is my ON and OFF moodsiwngs. Every morning Im over-the-moon and extremely excited for no reason and in the evening I completely switch off, I get angry, agitated and cry easily. But I know all this will soon come to pass and it is for a very good course.I haven’t weighed myself as yet but I can feel the difference already. I feel lighter and looking forward to a healthy lifestyle.

        • Pete says:

          @palesa: These are some of the side effects of Duromine. Don’t worry. These will gradually go away. Just keep drinking lots of water & do some exercise for quick results.

    • Pete says:

      @mel: Duromine works. You will definitely lose weight as long as you follow proper diet, drink water, do light to moderate exercise. You will not lose weight if you keep consuming calories or junk food when you are on Duromine.

  6. julia says:

    hi,im 24 and ive gained weight i was a size32 now im on 36
    i would like to start taking duromine but im scared because i hurd when u stop taking it you gain back the weight x2 is it true?i just want my size 32 back

    • admin says:

      @Julia: its both true & false that you gain weight after stopping the medication. Some people will just depend on the pills for weight loss so obviously when they stop the pills, they go back to putting on weight.

      Its recommended that you control your diet & do some exercise along with Duromine. Once you have completed the course, you continue with the diet & exercise. You will not put on any weight.

      The pills basically assist you in reducing weight. But you also need to put in some efforts to control it.

  7. Zah says:

    I am 39 yrs old weighing 107kg. I have to loose 32kg in order for me to be in my ideal weight. I took 30mg duromine in 2009 and I lost 30kg. I stopped after 4 months but I picked up excessive weight because I was not eating at all whilst taking duromine. This time I am going to the right thing. I am going to eat 3 meals a day plus take 2 snacks break just eat fruit during the snack break. Drink lots of water because duromine makes me thirsty. I am going to start tomorrow with duromine. I will update you. I don’t have time to go to the gym butility I make sure that I climb 6 flight of stairs everyday at work. I only use the lift when I get to work. I spend most of the day in meetings hence it is easy for me to climb up and down the stairs. I am so excited about tomorrow because I know that by the end of October I’ll be looking sexy.

    • Pete says:

      @Zah: you seem to be following the recommendations which will help you lose weight faster. Keep it up.

      Keep us posted on the progress.

    • Pete says:

      @zah: you are doing everything that is needed. You will surely lose weight.

      & Who said you need to lose weight to look sexy.. :)

  8. Mamolefi Banda says:

    HI i have been using Duromine for 2weeks now and side effects im having is dry month and my lower lip turned pink.Has anyone experienced it before?

    • Pete says:

      @mamolefi, dry mouth is one of the side effects of Duromine however haven’t heard about pink lip. You may want to consult your doctor.

  9. Nomonde says:

    Hi started duromine Monday 26.08.2013 I felt high I was high hecome a lot thirsty.
    Today I gain ed about 5kilos is this normal and its my second day?

    • Pete says:

      @Nomonde: seems like something wrong. How can you gain 5 Kgs in a day? Have you been eating lots of calories the entire day?

  10. Chase says:

    I started taking duromine after my first daughter in 1999 and lost 35kg from 95kg down to 60kg the only problem was I got addicted and was on them for two years straight I finally went off them and kept a steady weight of 65kg then had a really bad relationship break down and my weight went back up again, I looked back to duromine and lost all that I gained but this time with the knowledge of the effects and that they can be easily addictive and stopped when the time was right, they def help for weightloss you just have to monitor your progression and know when to stop using them

  11. lisa says:

    Hi everyone today I asked my doctor for duromine I was 111 but have but in the last 1 month n a half I have lost 8 kg so now down to 104 and I’m a type 2 dbetic so I got the tablets tomorrow so I can lose heaps more want to bet back to 65 70 kg. Is it a good idea and I’m 176 tall ;)

    • Zanele says:

      hi my name is Zanele – im about to start duromine soon and i cant wait – i need to shake this fat out.

      im currently size 116kg – please up date me about your progress – i need someone – people out there to motivate me. by tomorrow ill be having them and ill start on Saturday

  12. Moody says:

    Hi, after having 2kids I gained weight quickly n can’t seem 2 get it off, I’d like to start using Duromine but I’m scared to use it. Please help, I really need my confidence back. Right now I’m a size 40 n would like to be a size 34.

  13. Noddy says:

    I do not have a lot to lose, but havent been able to do so for years, my problem I struggled to lose weight arround buttocks and upper thighs. Use Duromine 15mg for 3 weeks lost 2kg and definatly cm around buttocks and thigs and waist. Only have to lise 6 more and will start to step down and maintain my goal weight. Only have thirst, doesn’t matter love water, a lot of energy, and no other side effects. O experience a very dry skin. If it works use it. If not don’t.

  14. Martin says:

    my weight is 80…i go n see docter. He give me 15mg duromine.
    but not work.after i try 30mg.
    now i am happy to say 70kg now.side effect, cant sleep thats all.
    tq docter.

  15. Martin says:

    my weight is 80…i go n see docter. He give me 15mg duromine.but not work.after i try 30mg.
    now i am happy to say 70kg now.side effect, cant sleep thats all.tq docter.

  16. lydia says:

    hi there..i had taken duromine many many years back and it worked perfectly well. Now i have gained weight.. my weight is 71kg and 164cm tall. I just got duromine 30mg this morning. and i have started walking 30-1hr walk. my dream weight is 55kg. i really hope to shed 5kgs within a month.
    Yes doctor dont normally prescribe to those within the normal range of 25nBMI. Mine is 26.. I will keep you all post of progress..

    • admin says:

      @lydia, you are correct. Doctors usually dont prescribe Duromine for those with normal. Best of luck with your weight loss. Do keep us posted on your progress

      • Patrick says:

        Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly and never change the dose yourself. Increasing the dose may not necessarily make you lose more weight or make you lose weight faster. However you will most likely experience more side effects. It also says that Duromine works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry.Duromine should be used as a part of an overall weight management plan which should include a medically controlled diet and exercise program. I would just go see a DR tell them how much it worked for you before, and see if the DR will give you a new prescription. Good luck!

  17. Glory says:

    I was battling to lose weight until a friend told me of Duromine.The doctor prescribed me 15mg and I was not happy.At the time I weighed 99kg and within 6 weeks I lost to 86kg.I stopped for 3 months but put on 4kg immediately.Im back now on the 30mg though and Im restless as ever,but I won’t stop.Thanks to my doctor’s wife because he had initially refused to prescribe the time30mg paying

    • admin says:

      Glory, hope you are also doing some exercise when on Duromine. It will help in reducing the weight at faster pace.

  18. Nicola says:

    Hi, I started using duromine 30mg 3 days ago and have lost 3 kilos already. My starting weight was 101kilos and 178cm in height. It stops you from eating so I have to force myself to eat, it does work, I think if your only taking the 15mg dosage it’s a waste of time.i’m 20kilos overweight obese on chart for my bmi. Side affects are insomnia that’s all. Looking forward to even more great results . Only using for 1 month so I should loose at least 10kilis by then, I go running every second morning,

    • Lungile says:

      I started in Feb 2013 to take duromine,but on on my 2nd pack coz I dnt take them eviday.As for the side effect, a chore like mopping the floor would make my heart beat fast and I sweat so much that my top would b wet, I thot of stopping taking duromine but I thot of the good it has done so I skipped days in between. I dnt exercise coz I get embarrassed wen I sweat the most at the gym. I started duromine at 117.5kg and now I’m at 104.5kg.

    • admin says:

      @Nicola, usually doctors do like to start the patient with smaller dosage of Duromine. Side effects for some usually last longer hence starting with smaller doses help. Good to know that you also go running. Exercise surely helps in faster weight loss. Keep us posted on your progress

  19. liza says:

    here is the advice now: keep a 2litre water very close to you and drink it all up in 1 or 2 hours time rest for 1hour and repeat. this will allow the duramine to rapidly flush through your system and you will not have those nasty side effects. and guest who is sleeping like a baby tonight. WATER WATER WATER people. and all complains is out of the DOOR. ENJOY YOUR DURAMINE. REMEMBER WATER WATER WATER. TAKE A HOUR BRAKE AND WATER WATER WATER. TAKE HOUR BRAKE EAT AND WATER WATER. TOILETTE TOILETTE TOILETTE AND SSSSSSSHHHHHH THEY ARE SLEEPING RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DO THE SAME THING THE NEXT DAY

    • liza says:

      OH YES!! i total forgot to say this. the more you eat or just snack on heatly bits like muesly or bowl of kellogs or fruits at night have your plate of food like big peace of lean steak and your veggies or grill chicken breasts and your stir fry veggies (try your outmost best to eat.) the more you loose. you will not just get thin you will look sexy and healthy and young with a glowing skin. eat more whole grain foods to assist you in your private time in the ladies room. please dont go to thin. already i am recieving compliments that i look 25 – 29 and i am 35. before duramine i lady almost my same age called me mam now that same lady (working in a shop) called me back and said: sorry lady you forgot your slip. i was always a person that looked after my appearence and was always aware of other man checking me out and that kept my husband of 11years on his toes. but somewhere somehow i also slipped up and weighed 110 and all the benefits went with gaining weight i was really fat. and not so attractive anymore not even to my hubby shame. after using duraming i went back to my 62 and feeling and looking like a school gril again. i like taking photos now and cant even wait to develop them. i am wearing a size 34 sexy jeans not to bony not sickly but healty sexy tight fitting 34. we should also know when to only maintain the weight. and stop loosing.

  20. murangi sinthumule says:

    im 20 and weighed 85kg , i started using duromine on 27 september 2012, the first 3 days were hectic,, i hardly ate and found it hard to sleep.. my mouth was always dry and i was always thirsty.. this made me drink lots and lots of water and my stomach would get very full..when days went by, i got to experience no side effect at all.

    its just been 11 days now and i feel great, my body feel ligter too. at first i couldnt see any results at all but my husband always used to tell me that i was loosing weight(he didnt know about my pill). this morning while i was deciding on what to wear,i tried on a pair of pants i bought 2 weeks back,, it was amazing, i could fit perfectly in a size 34… all i can say is that duromine works but you need to give urself atleast 30 minutes to do some exercise,, even if its not at the gym, you can buy yoursel a skipping rope and set a daily target 4 uself. sit ups are also gud 4 burning belly fat and one more thing, watch what you eat, i bet ull like the result… i droped from a size 38 to 34 on15mg in just 10 days.

  21. Danielle says:


    I have been given a script for Duramine 30mg and have heard so much good stuff about the medication. Im 18 and weighing alot more than I should be, I have always been a healthy size fluctuating between 10 and 12 as I was very athletic. I know have a back problem and havent been able to excerise properly for a long time. I also split up with my partner who i was with for 3 years. I went down the sh**tter big time, drinking almost a carton every day to numb the feelings. This most deffinately contributed to the 20kg in a year increase. I have to have surgery on my back and wont be able to excersise the way I should do my doctor has prescribed it to me. Looking at me, you would not think I weigh the amount I do and I was devastated when i saw the kg’s come up on the doctors scales. I have heard good an bad about the duramine but I really think this is the only option i have to at least try! I will probably post another message in a few days just to give my experience and adviced to other people as they have done for me. Thank you for the heads up on duramine and good luck to all taking it!

  22. HRHDarling says:

    Its my 6th day on Duromine 30 mg. I had stomach cramps yesterday…I hardly eat. I have started forcing myself to have some bran flakes in the morning…perhaps i should also snack on fruit…I am trying to lose 30kg.
    I don’t exercise at all and the insomnia only lasted about 3 days.
    I wonder how long I’ll have to take it.
    Nicki lost 17 kilos in 10 weeks…woowww,if I could do that…I wonder if she exercised?

    • Mandy says:

      Hi I have been taking duromine for 7 weeks and I’ve lost 17 kgs I really think my success is because of exercise, and the tablets combined, just start slowing with the exercise I hadn’t exercised in years now I do about two hours a day I feel fantastic the side effects go away after a little while I started at 92 kgs now I’m only 74 kgs just keep going

  23. Zanele says:

    I was on Duromine 15mg as well,June was my 3rd and last month as my GP had advice. I am more than happy to share that it worked for me, even though the nature of my job doesnt allow me time for regular gym, due to lot of travelling, I still find Duromine amazing. I have lost 14kg in three months. Side effects did kick in though, dry mouth, had to change my labello to pure vaseline..lol, headaches at night as well. I didnt also have to change a lot on my food, just increase fruit and veg intake and as for water, I would drink about 3 litres a day…Duromine does work my people.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Zanele. Duromine does work but for some people the side effects are too much. But I am sure your progress is going to motivate others as well.

      Are you still using Duromine?

  24. Raen says:

    Hi all. I was 60kg then contracted TB of bone. After treatment and steroids I blew up to 96kg and need to loose atleast 30kg due to arthritis on my spine, brought by the TB. Im too fat for my spine and bones to carry me so for health reasons ive decided to try duromine. Started today. 30mg. No side effects. Took the pill at 4am and felt weird like getting high. Then felt great. No side effects accept weakness guess from not eating. Eating veggies and fruit and cereals. And right now feeling good. Not hungry and sleepy! Yes i sleepy guess cause i worked out?. Anyway fingers crossed.

  25. Raen says:

    Hi all. Started today. 30mg. No side effects. Took the pill at 4am and felt weird like getting high. Then felt great. No side effects accept weakness guess from not eating. Eating veggies and fruit and cereals. And right now feeling good. Not hungry and sleepy! Yes i sleepy guess cause i worked out?. Anyway fingers crossed

  26. Mannic says:



  27. nonjabulo says:


    i see all ur comments i wanna try dis duromine dis weight is stressing me more nd more ryt nw i weigh 94kgs nd its not me i dont even have sizes in othr shops now like yesterday i went to buy a jean frm guess onli 2 find out dat i dont hav a size anymore so i have bin hearing abt dis now i wana try it and see,ey wt ol dese side effects hw do u survive guys…

    • Pete says:

      Duromine has some side effects. For some people, the side effects taper off after few weeks while for some they last little longer. As soon as your body adapts to the pill, you should be fine. However Duromine does provide weight loss results

  28. Hayley says:

    Could someone please tell me what’s the difference in the 15, 30 & 40 of duromine? & what one works best.

    • idah says:

      yes, please someone to tell us what is the different between 15,30, 40 of duromine? is that all about the doses?

      • Pete says:

        Yes, the difference between Duromine 15 mg, 30mg & 40 mg is the amount of Phentermine contained in the tablet

  29. Christie says:

    Hi, I started Duromine on the 9th of May. I have to loose 20kgs. I must say, I’ve been cutting out starch and sugar and as I read your comments I feel a bit negative, you all have been losing so much and I have been on this for nearly 3 weeks now and only lost 2.1 kgs. I exercise daily and as I said no sugar and starch. However I have experienced lack of sleep and more energy but that is it! Oh and I have no appetite at all, although I force myself to eat three healthy meals a day and drink lots of water. What do I do wrong, why am I not losing anything? Any positive advise would be appreciated!

  30. Damelza says:

    Well Im surprised to see no comments have been left since Ive last logged on here.. But just wanted to to let everyone know how things were going since being on Duromine. Ive been on it for 8 days now and its going well. I dont get any more headaches and Im not up til the early hours of the morning. I find now that Im tired more in the evenings and Im eating a lot less now during the day. I do find that Im abit more emotional but its nothing too drastic… I think everyone differs when it comes to how duromine affects each of us. So far I have lost 7kgs which is awesome seeing as I have only been on duromine for 8 days… Soooo til next time guys!!

    • admin says:

      @Damelza: Recently the site was targeted with too many spam comments.. many of the users comments got deleted.

  31. Damelza says:

    Wow!! This is my second day on duromine 30mg. Like most of you I have a few side effects but it hasnt really bothered me.. when I started I was fully aware of the consequences and I choose to see it as a small price to pay to lose this weight. I am a mother of 2 boys and well over the years I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and unfortunately now I can barely keep up with my kids. i find that now I dont really eat anything at all which is good though I will take heed to others advice in regards to trying to work out a proper meal plan and Im wide awake mostly all night which is also a plus for me. My starting weight is 108kg and I just weighed myself before jumping on and I have lost 4kgs!!! Im totally excited to be losing all this weight!!

  32. Adri says:

    Wow, just reading all these mails makes me want to re-think using this pill, but just like anything else in life , vanity rules. Ive got two kids and with the last one picked up an enormous amount of weight which I never lost .

    Its now 7 years down the line and looking back at the last couple of years my weight has just been going up and up. I feel and look huge, I’ve got clothes in every size, ranging from 12 to 22, and to think back when I was a size 12, 20yrs back I thought I was huge. I’d kill to be that again.

    I dont eat excessively, but my downfall is not eating the right foods. Through the years I’ve been through so many diets , but have never lost more than 13 kg on any one of them.

    Im hoping to kick start my weight loss by using this pill and when seeing the results will be a motivation on its own for me to start eating properly and choosing the better options of food and not just sommer eat anything in sight, good or bad.

    Sooooo!!, my next step is to get an appointment with my GP and try and try to motivate her to prescribe this to me.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  33. Natasha says:

    I have been taking Duromine 15mg daily in the first 3 month siI have lost 8 kgs whilst gymming for 8 months I had only lost 3.5 kgs.I do have the occasional Insomnia and restlessness however its working and I’m glad..

    • Adri says:

      Hi Natasha, I was just prescribed the Duramine 15mg today and I just wanted to know if its still going well with you seeing that you are on the same dosage.

      I see from all the other comments, everyone is starting off with 30 mg. Does it really make much of a difference? My Dr stated that I should rather start off using the 15mg first and if I dont gett any results will only then change the script to 30 mg.

      Keep me posted

  34. leon says:

    i was skeptical about duramine but after two days of taking it and eating a sandwich or an apple each day and plenty of water i’ve lost 6 kilograms. I have absolutely no side effects and i’m using the 30mg tablets once daily

  35. Letlhogile says:

    Yesterday was my 2nd day on duromine nd i vomited nd i hv a really dry mouth nd hardly eat much nd nw every little noise annoys me nd oh..

    i strugle to catch up with the zzzzz….im 19 at 1.56m long nd weigh 87kg thts y im taking em bt aftr puking yesterday im really conffused on whether to carry on taking them or what…bt i hope they give me bettr results

  36. karina says:

    Hi my name is karina.IV been taking duromine for 6days,its definately suppressed my appetite but I’m in a lot of pain my body is always sore nw,I feel like the pain is in my bones or tissue.as any1 experienced this?I’m worried.pls help.

  37. bridget says:

    hi all read all your experiences ….a bit apprehensive to start my 30 mg but determined to give it a go ..stay tuned


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