Antioxidants and weight loss

How do Antioxidants help in Weight Loss

Everyone wants a good looking body. Everyone wants to lose weight, or at the very least, maintain their existing weight. But the very ordeal of losing weight is terrible; countless hours at the gym, starving yourself and a lot of self control.

antioxidant in walnutWeight loss seriously does not come easy. This is where the science of various chemicals and food stuff comes in. Now, when you talk to just about anyone about losing weight, the word antioxidants is bound to come up. Somehow, this one word fascinates everyone.

It is like some sort of magical chemical that solves everything. Well, if we talk about antioxidants scientifically, well, their effect is pretty much magical.

Just like the name suggests, antioxidants, stop oxidization. The cells of the body are usually quite stable. However, when you exercise and attempt to burn the fats in your body, free radicals are produced. The process of converting glucose molecules in to energy produces these free radicals. The more you exercise, the more these free radicals are produced. This is good for your body.

However, these free radicals are not stable. They have a free electron and hence attempt to oxidize by attacking your cells. These free radicals cause damage to your cells. Your body reciprocates by preventing your body from exercising more and you feel fatigue and exhaustion as well as cramps. When your body works out with your fat, the amount of free radicals is much more than when it combusts your carbohydrates. In its defense from the free radicals, your body then just does not use up your fats.

This where the antioxidants come in. The antioxidants react with these free radicals and prevent them from reacting with your cells. The antioxidants just snap up all the free radicals being produced. This allows your body to combust the fat more easily. Antioxidants, in essence, help you to maximize the effect of working out on your body. Your body reacts and responds better to exercise and fat gets burned up faster.

Doctors and dieticians recommend consuming food with high quantities of antioxidants regularly.

Food like salmon, fruit and vegetables are high in antioxidants.

Another thing to understand is that antioxidant compounds can be defined in to 4 different types. Two common vitamins are also antioxidant compounds. These are vitamin C and E. they can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils.

Another antioxidant compound which is the Polyphenolic antioxidant is a much more reactive and active form of antioxidant. It is found in products like tea, soy, chocolate, cinnamon, oregano and red wine.

The richest and most famous source of these antioxidants is green tea. Green tea is from tea leaves that have not been processed. They are very rich in antioxidants which are still in their most reactive form. The Japanese had understood the importance of green tea a long time ago and drink green tea regularly.

It is important to incorporate these antioxidants in your daily life. A cup of green tea each morning definitely goes a long way.

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